Monday, February 7, 2011

I found a really big score on GOOGLE

    Ladies & Gentlemen    

My Aunt Lelia who loves to play Canasta and Scrabble has gotten into
doing Google Searches for fun. My Uncle John keeps up with current events.
He is very opinionated and has many solid beliefs. As the saying goes,
if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. I like that about him!

GREG & JOHNNY Mac go to do Google and try to see if they can stump it.

The Thrill of Victory: 
A Best Google Search Trophy awarded to Miller & BAD Company

and The Agony of Defeat:
I Google Search the WWW on topic of, What is my I Q? and it says
that I am as smart as Ernest T. Bass from Mayberry, N. C.

I am a REDNECK who shoots deer buck ....with my camera that is. "Woo Wee"

I have the thrill of being a GEEK HUNTER on my P. C. & I like to go GOOGLEing. "Arf, Arf"

      FROM Roanoke VA. Give It Up For     

Charlie Hamill, Ben Trout, and Jason Hill
doing, "I Can't Explain" Cover by the group THE WHO

The Band needs to do the helicopter strum like guitarist, Pete Townshend is famous for.

P. T. is slick with lots of clean guitar tones. HAMILL is Raw & Real.

Townshend also likes to smashed guitars. It's Rock-n-Roll Babee!

The following link is what I search for on Google and found for thrill:


Charlie Hamill is all the way to the left.

***THE BEN TROUT BAND*** which is an another group is one of the Main House Bands.

What is really cool is Charlie Hamill has a Band which is called Charlie Angels. Obviously, to you fans it has his first name in it. It's Jeff on bass & Johnny Mac on drums who are also both in the band:
They Play at St. Andrews College's Alumni Party.


Charlie Hamill went to St. Andrews College. That is where he met Johnny Mac and
da burg gang of local merry musicians. They study Music, Business, Liberal Arts and Scientifically Audio Recording Engineer like a droid. They are successful in those areas and play at respectable gigs. Hamill is an astonishing guitar picker like Greg is!!

Come on everybody, we're gonna' have a good time,
yeah,Gimmie' all the love that's in ya', I'm gonna'
give ya' mine.I wanna' hear some hand clappin',
I want you to get in the groove,We're gonna' play t
his footstompin' music, everybody get up & groove, yeah.

It’s electrifying entertainment with their totally jam-fest bands for parties and clubs. Can I get a Heck Yeah! That’s it! Make some noise & go crazy! Louder! Heck Yeah!!!


Their band plays Van Halen songs with finger tapping lead solos by Cool Eddie.
Hamill is a hardcore fan of that band. So much in fact, he has a car painted with
the replica design and colors of Eddie Van Halen's Kramer Guitar. Hamill drives
that ride to V. H. concerts. The Fans in parking lot marvel at his cool ride and
are psych to hear my favorite Van Halen Hit Record, UNCHAINED.  I like the flaming GONG at end.

Charlie Hamill has played in dozens of different bands ranging from acoustic duos and trios, to funk, original rock and tribute bands.

Also,  Johnny Mac has played at: Jimmy Buffet's Margarita Ville Cafe   
located at Broadway at that the Beach in Myrtle Beach. This awesome artist plays the drums with:  "The Fantastic Shuffle Band"      

MORE COOL STUFF ...Play Their Music


Hey G, Thanks 4 note as WOOD FAN.Yeah mann, as Disk Jockey, Mississippi Kid I am raising heck with those CHAMPIONS of Super Bowl where the team is named from a Meat Butcher Packer ...mmmmm Greg makes his famous Grilled Char-Chicken


Mom's Grand Dog TUX, petting him and she is watching The Animal Channel.

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